Haxim B de Lunduki 

Born June 5:th 2006

Creme male

By Int & Nord Ch, KbhV-99 Volante´s Zirocco
ex Int, N & S Ch, NV-04 Barakisch Narm Xubi de Lunduki

owner: Anja Fagerström & Elisabeth Andersson Kennel Barakisch

October 2008

October 2008

Our "Teddybear" Haxim have now grown up to a handsome young male
Haxim at lure coursing ..... he is now qualified to make his career at the lure coursing field

8 mounths

8 mounths
Haxim, nearly 4,5 months

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6 weeks at photo

 photo: Elisabeth Andersson
6 weeks at photo
And his brother Heydar, who will live with Barbro and Mats Johansson
Photos of Haxim and his brothers and sister 8 weeks old.