Saluki & Sighthound Clubs

 Scandinavian Kennel Clubs

SvSR The Swedish Saluki Club

SvVK The Swedish Sighthound Club

The Israeli Sighthound Club

Saluki or Gazelle Hound  Club U.K.

SKK The Swedish Kennel Club

DKK The Danish Kennel Club

FKK The Finnish Kennel Club

NKK The Norwegian Kennel Club

Saluki kennels
Kennels of other breeds

Kennel de Lunduki, Norway

Kennel Xass Farah, Sweden

Kennel Qashani, Finland

Kennel Arriayd, Sweden

Kennel Har Kala Rachi, Belgien

Kennel Marrakech, Canada

Kennel Imsevimses, Sweden

Kennel Al Asmaanii, Switzerland

Kennel Tgamichi,

Other Saluki & Sighthound  links

Vargspår, Sweden

NY! Cathrin Nilsson

Kennel Leiionspitz

Kennel Allette
Borzoi & Whippet

Kennel Enigma
Pharaoh Hounds

Kennel Epic
Greyhounds & Miniature Bull Terrier


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