Lure Coursing
2006-2007 side 1 ~ side 2

2008 ~ 2009

Khamsin┤s Vashti El Marrakech
Lure Coursing Dog of the Year in Canada 2007

Vashti is a daughter of Orchid (Barakisch Orkideh Yaganeh) and
her sire is SBIS Am/Can Ch Khamsin┤s Sirocco El Marrakech



Lure coursing Saluki 2007 in Canada
# 1 Vashti
# 2 Markus (Can Ch, Can Field Ch Barakisch Omdemalek Yavash)
# 3 Sharif (Can Ch, Can Field Ch Barakisch Qodus Almas)
# 4 Bedawi (littermate to Vashti)


Photo: Marie Anti
Barakisch Omdemalek Yavash (Markus)

Photo: Marie Anti
Barakisch Qodus Almas (Sharif)
July 10:th 2006
Barakisch Qodus Almas (Sharif)
Canadian Field Champion !!!
BOB (recording the highest score of
76 dogs enterd, all breeds).
Only 17 month old!

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Barakisch Qodus Almas (Sharif)

Barakisch Qodus Almas (Sharif)

Barakisch Qodus Almas (Sharif)

Omdemalek Yavash

and Bill Stewart, Canada

Foothills Gazehound Club lure coursing trial
May 20, 21 22, 2006, Calgary

Barakisch Qodus Almas (Sharif)
owner: Susan & Bill Stewart, Canada

"High Aggregate Trophy" (all breeds) and the drawing of "Tobyn" as a trophy.
For the hound with the highest 3-day aggrgate score
Sharif have now 98 points for his Field Ch title (100 points)
He is only 16 months old .

2006 April 30

S & N Lure coursing Champion Arriyad Mobazra (by Barakisch Mehrzad Wadd)
She won the CC and become Swedish and Norwegian lure coursing Champion and BIF

Arriyad Mobazra

N Ch, PLV-05 Ritzas Phantera, who is a daughter of Ritzas Natascha and granddaughter of our
Brutus (Barakisch Khoususan Unaysah) also got a CC. She have now 2 Norwegian CC┤s and 2 Swedish CC┤s
and need only one more to become lure coursing Ch

Lure coursing Champion Xass Farah Candy, daughter of our Sedeki Gerdu

2006 February 26
Barakisch Pahlavan Zar

Canadian Lure Coursing Champion.
3:rd lc-dog of the year in Canada 2005

Owner: Susan & Bill Stewart, Canada.

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photo; Marie Anti
12 November 2005
Barakisch Omdemalek Yavash "Markus"

Canadian Lure coursing Champion
Owner: Susan & Bill Stewart, Canada

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 Qodus Almas,  Pahlavan Zar & Omdemalek Yavash
Arriyad Mobazra

8 October 2006
Lure coursing in Norway, ┼s
Mehrzad┤s (Barakisch Mehrzad Wadd) daughter
got the CC, she have now 2 lure coursing CC┤s
in Sweden and 1 in Norway.
"Bazra" have also 2 show CC┤s,
Ritzas Natascha

8 October 2006
Lure coursing in Norway, ┼s
Brutus (Barakisch Khoususan Unaysah) daughter got the CACIL and become Swedens first Internationell lure coursing Champion (Saluki). She is already Swedisch and Norwegian lure coursing Ch and have 1 CC from the show ring.

After Lure-Coursing Gildah got the CC
and her sister Ghazala was 2:nd

Barakisch Farda Padeshah (Farah)
Lure Coursing Dog of the Year 1986

Farah was:
Lure Coursing Dog of the Year 1985
Lure Coursing Dog of the Year 1986
Lure Coursing Dog of the Year 1987
Lure Coursing Dog of the Year 1988
2:nd Lure Coursing Dog of the Year 1989
2:nd Lure Coursing Dog of the Year 1991

She had also 2 show CAC and was the foundation bitch at kennel Xass Farah

Farah is still the Saluki who have win most competition at lure coursing in Sweden
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