It all started in 1968 with Sedeki Tasi, the first smooth saluki in Scandinavia.
I bought her from Don Wieden who breeds under the Sedeki kennel name, in England.

The first Barakisch litter was born 1971. All smooth!

Since that day my goal has been to breed both smooth and feathered salukis,
as they are
equally important in the saluki heritage.

Our kennel name Barakisch, is the name of a legend in Arabia of a fairy bird
who can change its colour at will.
This suited us as we like the vast variation in colour in the breed, and love
all these different shades of the saluki coat.

All our breeding goes back to Sedeki Tasii.  She was a very special lady.
Tessa as we called her, had an extremly interesting pedigree
with old english bloodlines
and desert imports.
Among those were Kumasi Rihan and Diba.

From that first litter mentioned above, we kept one male puppy.
The chocolate and cream S & N UCH Barakisch Abrishom Taqlid.
He was mated to a feathered bitch from the El Kelus kennel.
There were two bitch puppies in a litter of eight. One of these two,
Sawra al Sabha went to the El Hamrah kennel in Finland
and the other girl came to us, Sawaydah.

In 1996 we bought another saluki bitch from the Sedekis, Sedeki Id !
She also has a very interesting pedigree. 
Her grandmother comes from Saudi Arabia.

We have a litter out of her born Agust 18:th 2001.
That makes it 30 years since the first Barakisch litter with a Sedeki dam.

Sedeki Id

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